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What Is A Piano Club?

It is an opportunity to choose what kind of pieces you want to study. But most important, you get awards for learning them. Each student can sign up for as many clubs as they want. Many pieces can count for more than one club! There is no limit as to how many awards you can win. Each club has their own set of rules. But there are a few general rules that apply to all clubs.

Basic Club Rules

  1. All pieces must be memorized
  2. At least ½ of the pieces must be played on a recital
  3. Pieces must continue to advance in difficulty as the student progresses
  4. Pieces go on a list when both the student and teacher agree that it was played at level 10 on a 1-10 quality scale (means attention to rhythm, dynamics, tempo markings, phrasing, tone quality etc. must all be included in order for the piece to qualify).
  5. Student must keep their pieces list, club rules and related materials in a binder or a folder marked PIANO CLUBS.

AAA Club

AAA stands for Any piece, Anytime, Anywhere. The object of this club is to have pieces ready to play at all times for parents, friends, guests in the home, school programs and so on. All pieces must be at recital level of performance. At the recital, the student will announce the name of the piece, composer, composer’s dates and period of the piece.

Sonatina/Sonata Club

The SONATINA/SONATA CLUB gives the student the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of sonatinas. Each sonatina/sonata must be no less than 3 movements long (each movement would count as one piece in another club). At least 3 movements must be performed on a recital where the student announces the name of the piece, the composer, the composers dates, and the period of the piece.

Friends Of Bach And Bartok Club

The FRIENDS OF BACH AND BARTOK CLUB is for those students who want to know more about baroque and modern music by studying the works of Bach and Bartok and their friends (other composers from their eras). Half of the pieces must be performed on the recital when the student will announce the name of the piece, the composer, the composers’ dates and the period of the piece.

Young Classics Club

The YOUNG CLASSICS CLUB is for the beginning and early intermediate student between the age of 5-10 who would like to start to play classical music. Pieces will be chosen which are the very best and easiest of the classical repertoire (no transcriptions). All pieces will be memorized and from solo performance books or basic classical sources.

Improvization and Compsition Club

The IMPROVIZATION AND COMPOSITION CLUB is for those students who want to explore their creative potential. Each student will complete a notation text or pass a notation exam as well as progress through a composition text book series. Pieces must progress in form, structure and content as the student advances. Compositions must be written. A minimun of two pieces must be performed on a recital.

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